मेरी कहानी

ख़्वाबों में, ख्यालों में ख्वाहिशों में, और इन बरसातों में कहा है वो जिसे ढूंढता हू इन काली रातो में ?   वो है भी यहीं, और है भी नहीं| ना जाने मिलेगी कैसे कोई जानता नहीं |   मेरी किस्मत में है दोष, या हूँ अब भी मैं मदहोश, नशा उसका ये उतरता ही […]

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We grow with time. It brings several changes but it is totally nature based. Natural growth changes our physique and we grow old. For a healthy and prosperous life proper health and fitness is required, for that we need to gain immensely strong body. This immense strong and healthy body will give you pleasure, it […]

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Greatest Creation of Almighty

You might have heard about innumerable creatures that exist in world. You might have seen many of them. Every creation of almighty is unique and great in its own way. But the greatest of all creations is, we human beings. All of the creatures have got one thing in common and that is life. But […]

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Art of Living

We live in an era full of crimes. An era in which crime rate increases faster than any other growth. The cruel minds of people are developing day by day. But have you ever tried to configure out the real reason behind crimes. It might be for hunger, it might be for money. But the […]

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Passion- A fire that lies within

  Not usually everyone is born perfect or the best. There is always a deep desire that makes them one. Not everyone is hungry for something to achieve in life, but that deep desire fills their hunger. Passion is that only one deep desire one requires to achieve each and every purpose of life. Meaning […]

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