Greatest Creation of Almighty

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You might have heard about innumerable creatures that exist in world. You might have seen many of them. Every creation of almighty is unique and great in its own way. But the greatest of all creations is, we human beings. All of the creatures have got one thing in common and that is life. But we are the greatest of them because we have the ability to think, speak and change our life. This ability to think and speak help us to convey our actions and words to others. Only humans have this immense power of words. Because of this we have developed over and over the years and completely changed our living. But this power of words and thinking are also the biggest aspects of majority of our problems. We can speak but we still have misunderstandings. We can speak but we still create our rivals. With this power of words and thinking we have completely changed the world and made it human controlled. Today we humans rule in every section of this world. Our inventions and experiments to change things according to our requirements has changed the world completely as compared to very early stages of human existence. To fulfill our desires we have made changes to other creatures of the almighty resulting in our own loss. We only will be responsible for future and destruction coming towards us. The feeling of affection towards every natural creature around us will be a step forward in respecting the almighty.

We indeed are the greatest creation of the almighty and we should be thankful for it. But just remember, if we try to bring change inΒ  creations of almighty, we are ultimately bringing the end of us human wonders nearer.


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